Safeguard your Domain Names

10 Tips to safeguard your Domain Name



Cheapest does not mean the least important.


Internet is infested with Cyber-Squatters! You may end up paying millions for the domain you badly need but is lying with somebody else.

Do you know that Facebook paid $8.5 million for FB.COM in November 2010. There are many domain names that has been sold for more than $3 Millions each. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

Listed here are 10 very simple steps to keep in mind to safeguard your domain name.

1. Register the Domain Name in the name of your Company :

Quite often it is registered in the name of your Web Designer or your IT Guy or the Hosting Company. Very often clients come to us saying that they are unable to exercise their rights over their own Domain Name as the Domain Name is not registered in their company’s name. They just discovered this fact too late.

2. Know where your Domain Name is registered :

You should have full admin control over your Domain Name through information like Domain Control Panel URL, Login Name and Password

  • After purchasing a domain name, put the privacy and theft protection.
  • Never use the same password for your Domain account as you used for your hosting account setup. By doing this, you significantly cut the risk that if one account is ever hacked, the hacker will not have access to your other systems.
  • Put very strong password for your domain control panel that has capital and lower case numbers, letters, and even a special character. This is the first wall of defence against domain hijacking.
  • Always lock you domain name. This ensures that the domain name can not be transferred to somebody else, unless you want it hat way.
  • Update your contact details in the Domain Name WHOIS regularly, especially the name of the company and the contact email ids.

3. Renew your Domain Name in time:

Also renew your domain before 1 month from the date of its expiry. If you allow your domain name to expire, it becomes available to the first person who wishes to buy it. If you carelessly lose your domain name in this way, then the only way to get it back will be to buy it from the current owner, usually for a lot of money.

  • It’s recommended that you renew all your Domain Names for a maximum allowed upto 10 years (depends on the domain extension)

4. Register your Domain Name with multiple Domain Extensions:

Else one day you may find someone has posted a nasty page under your Domain Name with a different extension. Save yourself from this embarrassment or possible blackmail.

Also register your Domain Name with International Domain Extensions: You want to go global, right? Do it yourself, or somebody else will do it 🙂

5. Register misspellings and other similar sounding Domain Names:

Often people will type your domain name in wrong spellings. Hence book all possible miss-spellings and names that are similar to your domain name.

6. Domain Ownership Documents:

Keep all documents (like bills / invoices / email communication) related to buy / renewal and ownership of your Domain Name in both digital and in physical formats securely with you. This will help you in exercising your rights over you Domain Name when required.

7. Know your Domain Registrar:

Keep the contact details of your Domain Registrar. You have a right to transfer your Domain Name to any Registrar of your choice. Nobody can stop you from doing it

8. Buying a Domain Name from Global Marketplace?

Do it through a reputed Domain Marketplace Broker. The broker company should have the right ability, experience and credibility as a marketplace player.

9. Sunrise Domain Name Registration:

Sunrise Domain Name Registration is where you can secure & register your trademark name with any of the new domain extensions. Trademark Holders have first right to register their trademarked terms. Further details at :

10. US Law Overreaches International Boundaries:

Even if you do not belong to United States and your registrar is outside the United States, you may still be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, simply because the registries for many TLDs are located in the United States. In short, if you are doing anything controversial with your Domain Name, try to avoid any connection with the US.


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If you keep these simple tips in mind, you can peacefully own and use your Domain Name.