Sports Event Sponsorship Marketing

Hello Sports Event organizers!

Sports event organizers, generally speaking, are very enthusiastic and optimistic about their event. In many cases, they are able to generate an adequate number of ticket sales for their sports event. Then comes the issue of getting sponsors for their sports event. And soon they discover, contrary to their expectations; that the brands are not queuing up to sponsor their event!!

Raising Sponsorship funds is often the only reason why sports event organizers contact us.

The concept of “brand equity” and “eyeballs” is as relevant for sports events as much as it is for, let us say, FMCG goods. The sports event organizer needs to have a long term approach towards developing the brand equity of their sports event. They need to have a long term plan for fan engagement, development and growth. This creates a reason for sponsors to associate themselves with the sports event, for multiple years at a stretch.

Quite often we find that the sports event organizer lacks the basic marketing tools that are required to carry out a successful sponsorship marketing exercise. There are some very basic tools that need to be there in the hands of event organizers for the success of their sports events.

    1. Sports Event Website
      • Should be a responsive and a dynamic website with e-commerce functionality
      • Self-branded Mobile App can be helpful for long term fan engagement.
    2. Cloud Hosted CRM
      • A great tool to manage the business of sports (project management, accounts, marketing)
      • Track and analyze registration & ticket sales via multiple ticketing websites
      • Manage relationship with event sponsors (past, present and prospective)
    3. Digital Marketing
      • Search Engine Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Online advertisement planning
    4. PR (Public Relations) Agency
      • Before the event
      • After the event
      • Coverage on multiple channels (Print, TV, Radio, Digital, etc.)
    5. Marketing Agency
      • Sponsorship Deck PDF
      • Promo video before the event & post-event video
      • Audio presentation / Jingles (for Radio and for Social media)
      • Advertisement planning (Radio, TV, OOH, Print, etc.)
      • Celebrity management

Strategy & Implementation

red bull sponsorship

When it comes to packaging & marketing a sports event, it helps to have professionals take up the job.

  • Having the right Title Sponsor for the Sports Event creates a win-win scenario for all stakeholders (brands, event organizer and the fans).
  • A professionally prepared Sponsorship Deck / Presentation is a must-have for initiating conversation with the potential sponsors. It can be a PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation or a YouTube movie. You may also need to have a print brochure.
  • We assist the event organizer in scan & analyze the environment for all potential sponsors and zero down to the right “sponsorship fit”. Association with the right brands helps the event organizer to create their own brand value in the long term.
  • We extensively use LinkedIn to zero down on the right person (quite often it is the CMO – Chief Marketing Offer or CEO) to talk about the sponsorship for the sports event.
  • We have our own in-house team for strategy development & implementation. However, we do take the assistance of 3rd parties as and when required.
  • We do not sign sponsorship cheques! It is the brand owner who signs it. And they take their own time in doing so. So sports event organizers should start planning for sponsorship marketing at least 6 months before the date of the sports event.

Let us get going!

  • We welcome event organizers to talk to us for event marketing, sponsorship marketing, digital services, and online ticketing.
  • We welcome brand owners to talk to us about associating with sports events. We can design and develop cost-effective sponsorship packages after consultations with the event organizer. Similarly, we design, develop and execute activation that creates a basis for communicating with the target audience even after the event is over.
  • We welcome celebrities to associate with sports events for guest appearances and for acting as brand ambassadors.
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