Brand Marketing through Sports

We are a 360 Degree Sports Marketing Company.

We market:

  1. Sports Events
  2. Sports Persons
    • Through Brand Endorsement deals, Appearances at events, Content syndication, Media rights etc.

However, more than marketing events, we fundamentally work for promoting brands. We help brands to connect with Sports Fans, Sports Persons and Fitness / Adventure lovers. This we do through the Sports Events that we market.

Getting a right to use the logo of the sports event on your brand promotion merchandise or for your brand logo to be seen at a sports event is certainly at the core of what sports sponsorship is all about. However sports sponsorship is more than just a media buy. It is an opportunity that needs to be capitalized upon by way of activation, both for the brand as well as for the sports event organizer.

Generally speaking, sports is about passion and performance. It is also about the loyalty of fans towards their athlete or a team/ club. As a sports marketing company, we strive to integrate & align the core values of the brand to what the sports event stands for and how its fans relate to it.

Activation creates a brand story that reaches the target audience through multiple channels and influences them; before, during and after the event. It creates a win-win scenario for brand and the sports event organizers.

Marketing Through Sports : for brand owners

Sponsorship of Sports Events:

  • In this T Shirt, Samsung and Adidas are both sponsoring Chelsea Football ClubAirtel Delhi Half Marathon, Hero Indian Open Golf Tournament, Vivo IPL 2018 are very good examples of brands leveraging sports events.
  • Brand association / sponsorship of premium sports exhibitions /conferences like The Times of India’s Global Sports Show and KPMG’s India Sports Analytics Conference is a sure way to reach out to who’s who and general consumers in the sports industry.
  • We assist corporates / brand right owners to zero down to sports events that can be associated with their brand. A right fit leads to a good ROI for the brand owner. A “right fit” may be based on brand values, target audience profile, media value, costing, geography etc.
  • We encourage the brand owners to discuss their long term marketing goals with us. This helps us to advise them about how sports event sponsorship can provide them a better ROI by way of smart activation and long term creative engagement

Sponsorship Of Athletes / Sportsmen:

  • P V Sindhu, Virat Kohli, Vijender Singh are some of the Indian sports-persons with top endorsement deals with them.
  • We can assist corporates in associating with leading sports stars in a variety of ways. Social media engagements, appearances in corporate functions, apparel sponsorship, sports kit sponsorship, advertisements are some of the ways brands can leverage the personality of sportsmen.
  • We welcome sports-persons / athlete who are well know for their achievements on national or international levels to talk to us for Endorsement Deals. It may be for short term engagements like an event or for an tournament / sports event or for long term multi-year brand endorsement deals.

Sports Event Marketing: Strategy & Implementation

Most of the sports event organizers are very enthusiastic and optimistic about their event. However, when it comes to packaging and marketing their event, it helps to have professionals take up the job.

There are some very basic tools that need to be there in the hands of event organizers for the success of their sports events.

    1. Sports Event Website
      • Should be a responsive and a dynamic website with e-commerce functionality
      • Self-branded Mobile App can be helpful for long term fan engagement.
    2. Cloud Hosted CRM
      • A great tool to manage the business of sports (project management, accounts, marketing)
      • Track and analyze registration & ticket sales via multiple ticketing websites
      • Manage relationship with event sponsors (past, present and prospective)
    3. Digital Marketing
      • Search Engine Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Online advertisement planning
    4. PR (Public Relations) Agency
      • Before the event
      • After the event
    5. Marketing Agency
      • Sponsorship Deck PDF
      • Promo video before the event & post-event video
      • Audio presentation / Jingles (for Radio and for Social media)
      • Advertisement planning (Radio, TV, OOH, Print etc.)
      • Celebrity management

Sponsorship Marketing for Sports Events

Raising Sponsorship funds is often the reason why sports event organizers contact us. Quite often we find that the sports event organizer lack the basic marketing tools that are required to carry out a successful sponsorship marketing exercise. The concept of “brand equity” is as much relevant for sports event marketing as it is for, let us say, FMCG goods.

Sports Sponsorship Marketing PresentationIt is important for sports event organizer to understand that merely the fact that their event gets good number of registrations is not a guarantee that the brands / sponsors will also make a queue to sponsor the event. The sports event organizer needs to have a long term approach towards developing the brand equity of the sports event. This creates a reason for sponsors to associate themselves with the sports event.

  • Having a right Title Sponsor for the Sports Event creates a win-win scenario for all stakeholders (brands, event organizer and fans).
  • A professionally prepared Sponsorship Deck / Presentation is a must have for initiating conversation with the potential sponsors. It can be a PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation or a YouTube movie. You may also need to have a print brochure.
  • We assist the event organizer in scan & analyse the environment for all potential sponsors and zero down to the right “sponsorship fit”. Association with the right brands helps the event organizer to create their own brand value in the long term.
  • We do not sign sponsorship cheques! It is the brand owner who signs it. And they take their own time in doing so. So sports event organizers should start planning for sponsorship marketing at least 6 months before the date of the sports event.

Sports Tourism : a growth mantra for Tourism Boards!

Travel Tourism Boards of different countriesWe will not get into data / stats about sports tourism. However there are some points that we would like Tourism Bureaus to take note:

  • Most of the sports travelers are spectators, male and high spenders
  • They often go to the same venue again, many times even after their retirement
  • Quite often they travel with their friends, family and office colleagues
  • Most of the millennials look at attending sports events as a kind of aspirational or a “show-off” activity

We can work with tourism boards to increase their footprint in India’s Sports Tourism market

Lets get going!

At present we are focusing on Horse Racing, Marathon Events, Football, Cricket and Golf Tournaments for sponsorship marketing. We are open to other sports as well.

  • We welcome brand owners to talk to us for sponsoring events under these categories. We can design and develop cost effective sponsorship packages after consultations with the event organizer. Similarly we design, develop and execute activation that creates a basis for communicating with the target audience even after the event is over.
  • We welcome event organizers to talk to us for event marketing, sponsorship marketing, digital services and for online ticketing.
  • We welcome players / athletes / sports-persons to talk to us for brand endorsement deals.
  • We welcome Tourism Boards to talk to us for Sports Tourism.
  • You can write to or to