Sports Brands. Sports Goods. Sports Events & Venues. Sports Sponsorship.

Sports Marketing

We are a 360 degree Sports Marketing company. We are committed to provide a range of Sports Marketing & Management services to Sports Event Organizers around the globe. A dedicated project manager is provided to our clients who works on behalf of the event organizer and leverages the power of our in-house team and our network service partners.


Sports Event Ticketing

  1. Fan Management : Registration, Ticketing  &  Venue Access Management Services.
  2. Sports Event Ticket Marketing using Digital Media Marketing 
  3. Secure & Scalable Ticketing Portal hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  4. Robust, feature rich and fully customizable ticketing software
  5. Data Analytics & Reporting


Sports Sponsorship

  1. We create a compelling story about why a sponsor would & should back a sports event / brand.
  2. Developing and executing a communication program leveraging Digital Media combined with PR to unlock the value for brand owner as well as the sponsors
  3. Managing relationship with multiple sponsors on behalf of sports brand owners
  4. Sponsorship activation services
  5. Reporting and Analytics


Digital Marketing

  1. Website, Mobile Apps and Social Media Channels makes a formidable marketing platform
  2. For Social Media, we focus on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram
  3. We leverage SEO, SEM, PPC, Email Marketing, influencer marketing, E-Books / PDF and PR (public relations)
  4. We have our own marketing, creative, design and content team
  5. Digital Marketing takes time to design & execute. Its best to start early (around 4 – 6 months before the event date) 


PR & Communication

  1. We recognize the power of press, radio, television and digital media in shaping up public opinion
  2. Theme based conferences for a targeted audience is a great tool for shaping public opinion, shaping the decision making process of those in power and for crisis management
  3. We can provide dedicated and personalized media relation support to sports teams / events / brands / athletes
  4. We do “disaster management”; but it does not mean that we will lie for you
  5. View us as your integrated marketing and communications agency


Sports Tourism  / Hospitality

  1. Do you know that Olympics and FIFA World Cup is the worlds largest spectator sport! 
  2. Millennials consider attending an international sports event gets them the biggest “bragging rights”
  3. We assist sport fans in attending their favorite sports match with Sports Event Tickets, Travel & Accommodation arrangements
  4. Corporates can contact us for Sports Hospitality & Travel packages
  5. We are different from a routine travel agency.


Cloud Technology Solutions 

  1. We are Google Cloud Partner. We can assist you in mailing solutions, securely hosting your website / apps on Google Cloud Platform and in Google Maps based solutions
  2. Our Application developers can deliver custom web / mobile based applications powered by Google Maps, Google AI and TensorFlow
  3. Data Analytics is not as complex as vendors project it to be. Contact us for managed data analytics solutions.
  4. We can setup live telecast broadcast infrastructure at the event venue and provide live streaming services to event organizer.
  5. We are Digital Transformation experts with 360 degree approach to cloud solutions; where our client is the focus of attention.