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We're Digital Transformation Consultants to Global Sports Industry

Digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth in the sports industry. To capitalize on this opportunity, digital will need to be embedded in every aspect of the business, transforming people, processes, and technology. The urgency for digital transformation is real and palpable. It needs a strategic approach and a capable consulting partner

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Smart Venue Management

Sports Venues now have formidable competition from Internet Media, VoD (Video on Demand), Video Games, eSports, etc.

Existing technologies like 5G / Wi-Fi, Data capture Sensors, IoT, Audio-Video solutions, VR (Virtual Reality), Cloud based E-Commerce Solutions, Apps for Navigation & Location based services, Smart security solutions, Access management for CPR (Common Public Resources), etc.; can not only attract sport fans to venues but also provide them secure & enhanced fan experience.

Deployment of technology should not be an afterthought but should be integrated at the venue design & development process itself.

Smart Venue Management
Fan engagement platform

Fan Engagement Platform

The concept of fan engagement has changed radically with the onset of newer digital technologies

Traditionally, live event telecast on TV and on media streaming platforms has been the core of the off-venue fan engagement model. However now all the touchpoints of a sports fan needs to be digitally integrated to provide a seamless fan experience.

Activities like Sports Tickets, Sports Hospitality, Venue Location based services, Visual experience via TV / OTT / VR / Social Media, Merchandising, Deep Data Analytics, etc. dictates the need for a standalone integrated Fan Engagement Platform for a long lasting ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

Team and Athlete Performance

Sports Analytics is a specialised form of data analytics for Sports Team and Athlete perfomance monitoring & management.

Wearables & Data Gathering Sensors can empower sports coaches and benefit athletes to improve their performance. The Real-Time data can also monitor team dynamics and spot / analyze sports injuries. After the game, data can be used to predict patterns and create tailored programs for specific players in order to reach performance goals faster and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

It is important to provide a digital app to each sportsman with personalized data analytics reports about different parameters on performance & productivity.

team and athlete performance1
Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

There are excellent automation software applications that can be used to automate and digitize the processes in the sports organisation.

Sports organizations are increasingly being able to adopt less instinctive and more backed up and data-driven decisions in all the different business levels. One of the key areas is the collection of fan engagement data from multiple sources. The analysis of this data can help in sponsorship sales & activation and in ticket & merchandise sales.

Software packages such as CRM & ERP can optimize internal business processes like logistics, human resources, marketing, inventory management, accounting, event management, ticketing, sponsorship sales, etc.

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We are Digital Transformation Consultants to The Global Sports Industry

Our consultants understand the business dynamics in a sports team / club. We understand the changing ground level realities shaping the global sports industry due to emerging technology trends in media streaming, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc.

We make a detailed study of the digital infrastructure of sports teams / clubs, help them in developing medium to long term digital strategy and put up a team to implement it.

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