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ERPNext Implementation


ERPNext is The Best Alternative To SAP & NetSuite.

ERPNext is a generic ERP software used by manufacturers, distributors and services companies. It includes modules like accounting, CRM, sales, purchasing, website, e-commerce, point of sale, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, inventory, and services. Also, it has domain specific modules like schools, healthcare, agriculture, and non-profit.

ERPNext is an alternative to NetSuite and QAD, and similar in function to Odoo (formerly OpenERP), Tryton and Openbravo. ERPNext was included in the ERP FrontRunners List by Gartner as a Pacesetters.

The Global Enterprise Software Market is changing.

ERPNext And Zoho CRM Are New Challengers.

Zoho CRM is a 100% privately held, unlisted company headquartered in Chennai, India. Zoho is now in the league of SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics all over the world. ERPNext is the next enterprise software product company headquartered in India (Mumbai) and making a mark in India and in other parts of the world.

Sanver is proud to be an implementation partner to both these outstanding Indian Enterprise Software Product Companies.

Almost Every Module You Need

ERPNext comes with 1000+ objects to help you run your business

ERPNext is a generic ERP software.

It is extensively used by manufacturers, distributors and services companies from different business segments.


Managed Services

Managed hosting of ERPNext application is the foundation of its implementation. It gives you a total control over the application, full access to its database and allows you to create unlimited users at no additional cost.

Fully Managed ERPNext Hosting on

Digital Ocean Cloud Server

Fully Managed ERPNext Hosting on

HP / Dell / Dedicated Server

Hear what ERPNext application users have to say

“ERPNext powers our core business ranging from ledgers, stock broking compliance to support and HR systems. It has scaled really well to our volumes with continuous improvement to the product. Combined with a sleek UI, ERPNext + Frappe apps have made things lot good across our processes. It fits well into the complete open source stack running our business.”


– Vinay Kumar C, 
Assistant Vice President Technology, Zerodha


There is still so much to explore in ERPNext! But it is a brilliant product/project making rest of the ERPs in the market look like crap! The most loved feature, reports customisation – I know how much we have paid for each report customisation to RAMCO! Separate for PO, Sales Invoice, Credit note and it goes on and on!

– Anuj Mehta

“I have been doing competitive intelligence work for a few entities that have taken me deep into S/4HANA Cloud. And I have some very good news for you, which I am sharing because I am a big fan of ERPNext. S/4HANA Cloud is far behind ERPNext, and far behind it not only in functionality but also in speed and the out. The major ERP vendors like SAP and Oracle are behind ERPNext in the cloud because it has never been their heritage. And their migration to it is shockingly when you consider that SAuser interface. Secondly, S/4HANA Cloud’s development progress is extremely slow. I just figured this has 20,000 developers. Nearly all their money is coming from the on-premises ERP. This “cloud or on-premises” option is a smokescreen to cover for the truth that it will be on-premises. This is great news for ERPNext. It means that SAP and Oracle have to redesign their ERP systems to get to where ERPNext already is….”

– Sam Worth



We use Agile Methodology and work with ERPNext for project management.

Business Process Mapping

Our consultants discuss your company’s current business model and operational challenges. 


Gap Analysis

We map the gaps between your business process against the ERPNext functionality and create a implementation roadmap document.


System Setup

The software needs to be installed in a server and setup for use by implementation team,  company admins and users.


Data Migration

Quite often, companies are using legacy systems. Hence migrating legacy data to ERPNext becomes a necessity.



This involves making changes in data entry fields and process flows. We try to keep it to the minimum unless it is badly needed.



Integrations can be as simple as Email integration. It can also involve API integration with a range of thrid party tools.



Testing ensures that the system is free of bugs and logic glitches. UAT ensures client gets what they asked for.



An important step before the system goes live. Custom training programs help the admins and different user groups to learn the new system.


Go live

The system is made available to the users. Normallly AMC kicks in where the implementor provide paid assistance to admins and users.

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