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Reasons to buy this Premium Domain Name is a premium domain name that is suitable for the pharma and the healthcare sector.The recent pandemic has shed light on the true significance of the healthcare sector along with the potential revenue that it comes with.

Pharma business is an essential service business which has no possibility of ceasing to  function or is risky. is hence the safest bet that is bound to give increasing returns by the day. You can also brand this as a website that displays remedies for common illnesses or a collaborative platform like 

Key Attributes

  1. Two word domain name with .com extension
  2. Domain name with dictionary word ‘Pharma’ GoDaddy KeyWord valuation of ‘Pharma’ is at $1902
  3. Easy to write, speak / pronounce and remember the domain name. Logically sound domain name in terms of its meaning
  4. Domain Name hand registered by us in 2020

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