Sell your Startup to Sanver

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Sell your Startup to Sanver

We are looking forward to acquiring customers who are currently using at least one of the following cloud solutions:

1. SalesForce CRM
2. GoogleWorkspace 
3. Zoho CRM

If you know of customers who are not happy with the services from their existing service provider, please let us know and we will onboard them into our company and suitably reward you for your lead.

Similarly, service providers / partners who, for any reason, do not want to or can not continue with providing services to their existing customers; please let us know. We will onboard them into our company and suitably reward you for transferring your customer to us.

We want to acquire only customers accounts. No employees, liability, or assets. The customers should be willing to transfer their accounts to our Reseller panel (Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Google Workspace).


In case you want to sell your startup, we can find a buyer for you. We have access to the extensive network of our founders and advisors. We would need details of your startup in terms of present activities, future plans, the profile of founders / key team members, and financials.


Strict confidentiality will be maintained. Please contact us or write to


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