How to manage Net4 issues

If your Domain / Emails / Hosting is in Net4India, your services are at high risk. As Net4 is out of operations for a couple of months now and many of their customers’ services have stopped working/became inactive.

What will happen to your Domain?
Everybody is waiting to hear what ICANN has to say about it. There is no timeline defined for restoration.

Are you able to use your services (that are registered with Net4) ?
If your answer is Yes, There is a possibility that it can get inactive at any time. Domain / DNS / Name Servers / Hosting / Emails etc can stop working.
If you are not prepared with an alternative, your business is at a risk. There is a possibility of data loss.

What Next? Immediate plan of action!

1. For Domain:

  • Register at least 5 Domain Extensions [.COM / .NET / .IN / .CO.IN / .ORG ] for straight 10 years. You can check the availability here
  • Register new domain names that are best suitable for your business with the above mentioned 5 extensions for straight 10 years.

2. For Emails:

Purchase a new email server. (For immediate reference, check emails products on the below URL)

3. Privacy Protection

You use legal details like your Name, email address, contact number, etc to register your domain name. Immediately after the domain is registered, all these information are freely available on the internet. Adding a privacy protection will safeguard your personal / company legal information. If you avoid getting it for some additional penny, you might get bombarded with unwanted calls, spam emails, or get spammed. Your online assets can get hacked, your data can be sold, your competitors can risk your business, etc. Safer the better!

4. DNS

  • This is the heart of your IT infrastructure. You should be aware about your DNS. As this controls rest of your services (Domain / Website / Emails / Any related applications)
  • We recommend you get a Premium quality DNS or CloudFlare. (We can help you with both)

5. Website

  • If you have a website hosting with Net4India and it is inaccessible, check for a backup, purchase a hosting plan, upload your data and point the IP. Simple. Your website is live.
  • If you have a website hosting with Net4India that is working all good, don’t wait for it to get inactive.
  • Transfer it immediately. You can check for hosting plans on our website Shared servers/ VPS/ Dedicated servers details are also available on the website.
  • Ensure website backup. Have an onsite and offsite backup irrespective of anything. You can take help of products designed to backup your website data like CodeGuard. Details at:
  • Secure your website with an SSL certificate. Nobody is interested in your “Not Secure” website.

It’s technology. It happens. It is miserable to see affected customers pleading and in immense pain. Some got slightly affected and some are having nightmares.

Get in action right now. Just be prepared to avoid the mess!

We will keep you informed about the latest updates. Stay Safe, tuned with us.