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Google Workspace : Upgrade & Migration

Earlier this month, Google announced that it will deprecate the free Google Apps Legacy Edition aka “Grand Father Edition” starting 01st June 2022 onward. Google has posted updates about it on its support page and says that it plans to offer more options to existing users.

Google had launched Gmail and Google Calendar for custom domains to the Google Accounts in 2006. And back since 06 December 2012, Google had stopped offering free Legacy Edition subscriptions to new customers. Google Workspace as it exists today is a very different product from its predecessor. Google’s productivity subscription package is now primarily designed for all business sizes.

On it’s support page, Google added a paragraph that reads:

If you have the G Suite legacy free edition, you need to either upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription to keep your current services, or transition to a no-cost option without the premium features of using Gmail with your custom domain (for example, and the ability to manage multiple users. The G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting June 1, 2022.

A major issue with the legacy free accounts is that they act as Google accounts for the whole Google ecosystem. In addition to emails, calendar events and contacts, some users with G Suite legacy free accounts have been using those accounts with YouTube, Google Maps, purchases on Google Play, Google Drive and more.

Well! What exactly is going to happen practically with the Google Apps Legacy Edition Accounts?

The account will be automatically upgraded to Google Workspace Starter Plan on 01st June 2022. This means that all the users under your domain name will be moved to the upgraded plan. Features of the upgraded plan will be applied to your account.

Do you need to pay for the upgrade?

Yes. You are required to bill the accounts within 30 days of upgrading, i.e. 1 August 2022.

What will happen if you do not bill your account?

Your account will be automatically suspended till you setup the billing (it means you will be charged and will have to pay).

How do you bill?

As Google partners, we are here to guide you throughout the upgrade process without any data loss or downtime or password change. Your emaployees / users do not need to be re-trained in any way.

What do we recommend?

Upgrading now. Avoid last minute hassle. You have time till June 1 2022.

We understand that Google is more than just sending and receiving emails for you. Do not panic. Discuss it with us.

We will upgrade your Google Apps Standard Edition (Free Edition) to Google Workspace plans (Business Starter / Business Standard / Business Plus / Enterprise Plus) on a case by case basis. During this upgrade, there will be no downtime, no data loss, no change of password. Once the upgrade has been done by our Tech Support Team, we will update you. Thats it.

What do you do immediately after reading the post?

Write down your Domain name and no. of active licenses under your account and send it in an email to We will immediately get back to you with an action plan for you.

What if I do not want to continue with Google Email as it is very expensive?

We understand it.

Even through Google Workspace is, in our opinion, the world’s best email solution; people do want alternative options, especially due to high price of Google Workspace.

We recommend you to move to Zoho Workplace:

    • Zoho Workplace Standard Plan (Rs.99 per user per month). It is similar to Google Workspace Business Starter Plan (Rs.125 / Rs.210 per user per month)
    • Zoho Workpace Professional Plan. (Rs.399 per user per month). It is similar to Google Workspace Business Standard Plan (Rs.672 / 840 per user per month).

Our Technical SupportTeam provides hassle free email data migration from Google Email to Zoho Email with no data loss and full security. We provide technical support under free plan and also Managed Services as per your custom SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Still Confused?

Pick your phone. Dial +91-9820401284 and talk to Aditya Singh. Or feel free to ping on WhatsApp..

We’re excited to explore the new tech possibilities with you. Aren’t you!






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