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FAQ # 1 : What is this new G Suite rates all about.? Since when has the new rates for G Suite become effective? How will if affect new customers and existing customers?

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Answer: David Thacker Vice President of Product Management, G Suite announced the new rates on January 17, 2019 in a Google Cloud Blog Post.

The new rates are applicable to G Suite Basic and G Suite Business Editions. The price plan structure for G Suite Enterprise edition remains un-affected. G Suite for Education, Government and Nonprofits too remains un-changed (free – *Conditions apply).

The new rates has in-effect from April 2, 2019 for new sign-ups / customers. Those having Annual Plan will need to pay new rates on renewal; whenever it becomes due after April 2, 2019.


FAQ # 2 : What is the new pricing plan for Indian Customers?
Answer: The new rates are concessional rates and are effective till Jan 15, 2021. The rates are going to nearly double up after this date.

ProductOld Rate / User
Flexible Monthly Plan
Old Rate / User
Annual Plan
Current Rate / User
Flexible Monthly Plan
Current Rate / User
Annual Plan
G Suite Basic (Buy it Online)Rs.150 / $5 PMRs.1,500 / $50 PARs.210 / $6 PMRs.2520 / $50 PA
G Suite BusinessRs.600 / $10 PMRs.7,200 / $50 PARs.714 / $12 PMRs.8568 / $50 PA
G Suite EnterpriseRs.1,650 / $25 PMRs.19,800 / $50 PARs.1,650 / $25 PMRs.19,800 / $50 PA
G Suite for Education, Government & NonprofitsFREE / Contact us FREE / Contact us FREE / Contact us FREE / Contact us 


FAQ # 3 : What are the revised rates for add-ons?
Answer: Rates for purchase of Additional Storage on G Suite user accounts.

License sizeMonthly price
20 GBRs.250$4.00£2.50¥350$4.00$3.75€3,00
50 GBRs.405$7.50£4.75¥650$7.50$7.00€6,00
200 GBRs.945$17.50£11.50¥1500$17.50$16.50€13,50
400 GBRs.1,890$35.00£22.50¥2900$35.00$33.00€26,50
1 TBRs.4,805$89.00£57.00¥7300$89.00$84.00€67,00
2 TBRs.9,665$179.00£113.00¥14500$179.00$167.00€134,00
4 TBRs.19,330$358.00£226.00¥28900$358.00$334.00€268,00
8 TB$716.00$716.00£452.00¥57700$716.00$668.00€535,00
16 TBRs.38,665$1430.00£903.00¥115100$1430.00$1333.00€1068,00

Rate for Google Vault as an add-on on G Suite Basic : Rs.2450 per user per year


FAQ # 4 : How to get Technical Support? Who will provide it? 

  • We provide technical support free of cost (*conditions apply). We can provide you a quote for custom SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • We serve more than 1000 customers in India. We have clients in UAE, KSA, Oman, South Africa, Nigeria, Philippines, UK and many other countries
  • Customers can also contact Google for technical support


FAQ # 5 : How to buy it online? How to migrate from my email server to Google G Suite Email Server?

  • Please contact us or write to us on
  • Buy it online from our INR Supersite  and pay online using any Master / Visa Credit Card
  • Buy G Suite online
                            Buy G Suite Online

    If your users are not ordinarily operating from India (at least 75%), then you should buy in USD from our USD Supersite

  • Please write to us in case you want to shift your existing G Suite account from your existing reseller to us.
  • We provide Email Data Migration Services to G-Suite :
    • We migrate IMAP email from your existing email server to G Suite Mail Server.
    • We migrate all email data (email data, contacts, folders, attachments and contacts) from existing email server to Google G Suite Email Server
    • Our deployment engineers can migrate from a range of existing email server like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Domino, Rediff Mail, IBM notes, Zoho Mail, Novell Groupwise, Yahoo Mail, Zimbra, GoDaddy, Net4 etc. to G Suite (Basic / Business / Enterprise)
    • We can also migrate from one email id to another (on the same domain name on G Suite), from your email id on to your email id on (on G Suite)
    • We guarantee no data loss and no downtime.
    • We charge Rs.950 per email id for data migration (email data, contacts and attachments)[30 GB per email id]



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Please Note:

  1. 18% GST applicable on INR billing for Indian companies
  2. No discounts on Google declared prices / rates


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